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Katrin Passig

Author |

There’s probably no algorithmic transparency. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life

Peter Grosskopf

CTO | Solarisbank

Peter is the CTO at solarisBank based in Berlin. When he started at solarisBank in 2015 he also started to get interested in Blockchain. Now he is shaping the vision to bring decentralized banking to reality.

Britta Kern

UX Designer | Centigrade GmbH

Usage Data Analysis on the Basis of User Stories. In the research project Opti4Apps, Centigrade and three research partners developed an approach towards collecting and processing usage data (semi-)automatically on the basis of user stories.

Dr. Bernhard Tenckhoff

Head of Innovation & Strategic Analytics | Kassenärztliche Bundesvereinigung

BigData and AI in the german health business.

The talk will provide some basic insight into the working of the German statuatory system. Data streams and data protection rules for the German health care system will be pointed out. Building on that, we will discuss the actual status of new health care applications based on BigData, their chances and risks as well as ethical, quality and transparency aspects.

Nelli Hergenröther

Managing Director |

„Alexa, when does the keynote start?“ – building VUIs for conferences

I created the concept for the Amazon Alexa Skill for the 2018 re:publica conference and I will talk about the challenges in building a VUI for events, especially regarding the availability of live streams. After the talk (around 30) minutes I would propose a short discussion of similar challenges other participants might have encountered while concepting/buildung VUIs.

Julian Finn

Product Manager | Mautinoa Technologies

User Testing a Blockchain-based mobile payment app in East-Timor

Stephan Noller

CEO | ubirch

The Internet of Things will only grow to it’s full potential, if we can truly trust all the Billions of connected devices and the data they deliver …

The Blockchain for Things creates Trust for IoT devices.

Christian Dugast

Founder tech2biz and Research Fellow at RWTH Aachen

Talk “Natural Language and AI: overview + what can be done now + limits + how to overcome some of those limits”

Christian has more than 25 years experience in Natural Language Technology and currently works at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language processing.

This talk will discuss what can be expected from language technologies (LT). It will cover most aspects of language technology, the spoken side (Speech recognition, speech synthesis), the written side (spell and grammar checkers, information extraction, machine translation, language understanding) and sure the combination of both (speech to speech translation, dialogues). We will start by illustrating the state-of-the-art with examples of what solutions (based on these technologies) can be build today. This short overview will be used as springboard to discuss flexibility, adaptability and limitations of (language) technologies in which we will continuously switch technology and business point of views. Before finalising on what is needed to make successful use of LT (technically and business wise), a short deep dive in the basics of Neural Network processing will be necessary (the only technical 5 minutes).

Susanne Lebkücher

User Experience Resarch | Deutsche Telekom AG

As the Chapter Lead Customer Research for Artificial Intelligence & Digitization Susanne Lebkücher will hold a talk on her extensive experience in user research for voice and other natural language interfaces.

Tobias Walter

Software Engineer for VR/AR | ergosign GmbH

Talk “Behind the scene” of Augmented Reality – Experiences at Ergosign”

Despite its big market potential and innovative character, Mixed Reality still lacks specific heuristics and design resources. This situation needs to change. Therefore, we will share our research findings, analyse the challenges we have faced in Mixed Reality projects and talk about their respective solutions.

Magdalena Zadara & Elena Sophia Noller

UX Designer | BCG Digital Ventures

Talk Don’t fear the blockchain – Corporate Innovation on decentralised technology

In our Talk & Deep Dive we want to enable the participants to come up with ideas building on blockchain/decentralisation technology, without spending months on figuring out how the technology actually works in detail. We will talk about how corporate innovation works (on a blockchain example), give a high level intro to blockchain, show inspiring best practices and focus on possibilities and limits.

Holger Eggert

Strategic UX Designer |

TalkActually designing for Artificial Intelligence

In this session Holger Eggert will explain how Artificial Intelligence works, what is possible, and how to design it. He will introduce a simple framework that allows non-engineers to design Algorithms, which you will then get to try for yourself. This serves also as an introduction to the concept of Procedural Literacy.